Join the Mooooovement

What is Moo Moo Subaru?


Have you caught wind of this new trend? Maybe you saw something on social media. Or, maybe you have received a cute cow on your vehicle or seen it on another vehicle. Let us help shed some light on this awesome moo-vement!

The Subaru community has always been known for their strong love for their cars. This new trend of leaving a little cow on cars started as a way for Subaru owners to express admiration and offer a connection to other Subaru owners. It is similar to the widely known, duck, duck Jeep – only for Subaru owners. The act of leaving a small gift in the form of a cow on another Subaru has become a symbol of pride among Subaru owners. Many Subaru owners have a collection of cows on their dashboard that they have received. You see, Subaru owners who participate usually hand cows out to Subaru’s they consider “cool” or that they admire. Sometimes it is the customizations, sometimes it is the fact that it is still original, or simply they relate to the bumper stickers. There are no rules other than to be respectful!

Subaru owners everywhere are using little cows in any form (keychains, stickers, figurines, there is no limit to the creativity) to help spread joy and happiness to fellow Subaru owners in random acts of kindness. This is a social moovement that you can participate in that is known both nationally and locally. On Facebook do a search for groups called “Moo Moo Subaru” and our local chapter is “Moo Moo Subaru Northern AZ”. We encourage you to join both groups. To share your joy, just snap a picture of yourself mooing others or when you get mooed yourself and post it to the Moo Moo group.

Receiving a cow is a neat little trophy that connects one another that anyone can have or graciously give to someone else. It's an innocent little game of spreading joy that we invite everyone to be a part of.

It's unique and gaining traction nationwide, with anonymous Subaru owners leaving notes and cows on fellow Subaru’s they appreciate in the “wild”, at the grocery store, or trail head… it all fair game!

As an active member of our community and always looking for ways to support our community, Findlay Subaru Prescott has cute little cows we are giving to Subaru owners who would like to participate in “mooing” other Subaru’s. We invite you to stop by our dealership and get yourself a few cute moo moo cows to have on hand to give out to a fellow Subaru drivers when you are out and about. There is no charge to you for this.

Most “mooers” place the small cow or trinket, which includes a card with a QR code that points them to the local Facebook group, on the door handle or windshield. But the way you hand out your “moos” is up to you! As long as you have fun and enjoy yourself while showing respect to other Subaru owners. Get out there and have fun spreading the ‘moovement’!

For more information check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/372537525637916