How to Know When to Replace Your Tires

Taking proper care of your vehicle is one of your primary jobs as the owner. If you want the best ownership experience, you should always make sure you do all of your preventative maintenance, and you inspect your vehicle's wear items regularly. One of the most common components you will need to replace on your vehicle is the tires.

How do I tell if my car's tires are worn out?

Tires naturally wear out over time and they even have an expiration date. One of the easiest ways to check your tire's wear level is by seeing how much tread is left. You can do this with the penny test. All you do is insert a penny headfirst into the tread channels of your vehicle. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, you need new tires as you have very little tread left.

Watch out for tire wear warning signs

Another great way to inspect your tires is just a general inspection. If you can put your vehicle on a lift or up on jacks the process may be easier. Just look all around each tire one at a time for signs of excessive wear. If you see any tire cords showing, you should replace those tires immediately. Here in the Prescott Valley and Chino Valley areas, you also have to worry about the weather messing with the compound of your tire. The change from extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures can wear heavily on your car's tires if not properly maintained. Not all tire compounds are made to deal with extreme conditions, and the extended sun exposure can also degrade your tires.

Check your tires' expiration date!

One of the final tests you can do is just look up how old your tires are. Manufacturers print the creation date of your tire on the sidewall. If they are over 6 years old, you should get a new set. Dry rot can happen no matter how well your vehicle was stored and can lead to a dangerous blow out when driving.

Trust the tire care experts at Findlay Subaru Prescott

If you want to have your vehicle inspected by professionals, you can bring it to the certified Subaru service team here at Findlay Subaru Prescott. Our service staff works with drivers from Clarksdale to Sedona on a daily basis, so we will be able to tell you if you need new tires. Plus, with our competitive Subaru service specials, we can get you set up for quick and easy tire installation at our service center and still save you money in the process. Feel free to schedule your next service visit online today.

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