Mr.   Pettycrew comes to the Findlay Subaru Prescott with over three years'   experience in the auto industry. Since coming to the Subaru dealership   in Prescott AZ, he has made himself at home within the team atmosphere   of the staff and follows suit with the Subaru mentality and focus   being-"the experience is all about the customer and finding them the   best car for their needs."

Justin   values being a man of knowledge for the customers. His goal is to build   a trustworthy relationship with those who ring him on the phone or walk   onto the lot.

"My goal is for the customer to know that I am working for them, for them to relax and enjoy the experience."

A   friendly, caring attitude goes a long way. Justin says that each   customer brings their own memorable experience. He enjoys the feedback   he receives as well as the quality time spent with each customer,   getting to know them and taking care of their needs.

"I   try to achieve the max with all customers. I pick up food for them if   they are hungry, and I pick them up at their house if they need a ride,"   a service of commitment and going above and beyond for the customer.

An appreciation for the customers he serves and a newly discovered appreciation for his own Subaru WRX sport car.

He's   a new-found car enthusiast as he ventures out in his own recently   purchased 2018 Subaru WRX Limited model. He not only loves to talk   Subaru, but he's found a new passion for this sporty Subaru model that   has speed, handles beautifully and is just plan fun to drive. One of the   features that Justin likes about the WRX is its cornering ability, a   term often associated with sport cars describing the limit of friction   when attempting a curve at a tighter and faster speed. Justin   appreciates how the WRX handles this maneuver with control and ease.

Justin   has an innate desire to serve others, as well as our country. As a   combat Veteran with the Army, Justin embraced immense bravery going to   the frontlines in Afghanistan to fight for our freedom during a   2006-2008 tour. He returned state-side and served as a wildland fire   fighter for three years.

As   a single father of his six-year-old son Gavin, Justin enjoys all things   outdoors including hiking, kayaking, fishing, and camping - as well as   bringing out his guitar to play some tunes around a campfire.

Born   and raised in Prescott, AZ, Justin appreciates all that Findlay Subaru   Prescott does for the local community through generous charitable   donations. He loves being part of a great team at the Northern AZ Subaru   dealership and feels valued as an employee as much as he enjoys making   his customers feel the same.

Come   see Justin Pettycrew at Findlay Subaru Prescott to help you find your   next pre-owned or new Subaru SUV, sedan or sports car.