Curtis Ritter

Meet Subaru Product Specialist Curtis Ritter. He   comes to the Subaru team with close to two years of experience working   in the auto industry. He gained an appreciation for cars from a young   age when his father taught him how to work on vehicles on their farm in   North Dakota. Migrating to warmer weather, Curtis came with his family   to Arizona at age 21.

Curtis is happy to strike up a conversation with   visitors of the Findlay Subaru Prescott. With over 17 years serving in   the public arena, he enjoys interacting with others, learning about them   and helping them find solutions to their needs.

Working in the auto industry Curtis appreciates   the discussions he has with each of his customers, taking his time to   listen and to lay out options that will match what they are looking   for. 

"I just listen to what the customers need and look for what specifically is right for them. I love helping them get into a vehicle that fits their requests."

Curtis   makes it a priority to adapt the car shopping or looking experience to   be all about the customer. Per the requests, requirements and desires of   the client, Curtis is sure to tailor and cater to the customer with a   goal to provide excellent Subaru service.  And with Curtis's extensive   training and knowledge on entire line of Subaru models, his customers   are sure to get a well-informed visit while at the Prescott Subaru   dealership. This car guru won't leave any question unanswered.

Lately   hottest car on topic of conversation has been the Subaru Outback,   finding that many are looking for the roomier Subaru car model with the   more powerful engine. Plus, "it rides as smooth as you can imagine,"   explains Curtis.

For   Curtis, his choice would be the Subaru WRX STI, which he says is   perfect for his family of four. With his 8-year old daughter Lillie,   10-year old son Gabe, and wife in tow, Curtis says the Subaru WRX STI is   perfect for their outdoor adventures with plenty of room, the safety   features, its power, and the fun ride.

As   a transplant to Arizona, Curtis loves the variability of the four   seasons that Prescott has to offer and ease of trailhead access for   hiking with this family. With his free time, he makes it a priority to   spend his time with his wife and kids enjoying Northern Arizona's   beautiful outdoors.

And,   being part of Prescott's family-oriented community, Curtis is proud to   be a part of the Subaru team of professionals and company that serves   and gives back generously to its community.

"I love working at Findlay Subaru Prescott, it's a great company and a great team."

Come   see Curtis at your local Subaru dealership in Prescott. He is happy to   chat, answer all your questions, and help you find what you came in   looking for.

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