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Why do mountain bikers love Subarus so much? Subaru model vehicles designed to load a ton of cargo, which is perfect for mountain bikes and other gear, and they are also designed and equipped for the off-road adventures needed to take bikers to the best of trails.  Not only do the Subaru all-wheel drive cars support the lifestyle of mountain bikers, but the auto group itself supports the outdoor-enthusiast hobby as well.

350 × 263A prime example is Prescott’s own Findlay Subaru dealership who has been an avid supporter of local mountain biking events and groups, as well as the trails they ride on.

Working Together to Make the Rubber Meet the Trails

Findlay Subaru’s latest venture includes working with the Prescott Mountain Biking Alliance (PMBA) to help fund through corporate sponsorship the building of a new trailhead for the Spence Basin trail system. The new trailhead will be called the Spence Springs Trail Head.

A massive group effort corroborated by the PMBA, the City of Prescott, Spence Basin residents, the Over the Hill Gang (a volunteer group of retirees), the US Forest Service and many other volunteers have put in much time over the past several years to enhance the existing trails of the Spence Basin trail system for the enjoyment of the community. The workers and volunteers rerouted old trails and made the system more environmentally friendly for users. 

350 × 263Vice President on the Board of PMBA, Scott Bideau explains the work that has been done at Spence Basin, “The Spence Basin Trail Project worked with the existing trails that were originally used for hunting and other multi-use functions but were created without official guidelines in mind. We wanted to make these trails more sustainable with monsoons and for the multi-use recreational users.”

With this hard work it only seemed fitting to invite the community to use this trail system with an easily accessible paved trailhead, with other amenities planned for the future as well.

Bideau continued, “Access to these trails currently is with a make-shift pull-off parking area. This is not ideal because of the erosion to the road from use and water runoff, which doesn’t make is safe for the users. This project will implement the correct grade for water drainage and be more convenient and safer underfoot, so it is accessible for all ages and abilities.”



How the Findlay Subaru Trailhead Sponsorship Came to Be

In order to fund the new trailhead project, Bideau started applying for grants, though he recalled the close connection PMBA had with Findlay Subaru Prescott.

“There is the marquee mountain biking event held every Fall, the Prescott Mountain Bike. Findlay Subaru has lent their cars to be used to pull trailers full of mountain bikes and to shuttle people to the trails they want to ride on. Findlay mentioned that they wanted to collaborate again, so we put a proposal together and they moved quickly to sponsor the making of this trailhead.”

Bideau mentioned that there will be three total phases with the building of the new trailhead.

  1. The initial phase will be constructing for and installing the new paved parking area. As the sole financial sponsor of the trailhead, Bideau said the funds provided by Findlay Subaru will pay for all the materials needed for landscaping, signage, concrete and others as needed.

    Manual labor will be donated by the Over the Hill Gang, who, Bideau states, faithfully contribute thousands of hours of volunteering, as well as PMBA members. The City of Prescott is projected to donate the heavy equipment and the operators to do the construction. The goal is to make this trailhead a sustainable site that will be used for a very long time.
  2. The second phase of the Spence Springs Trailhead project is to supply the area with a bathhouse, changing area and picnic tables for enhanced amenities for the users to benefit from.
  3. The final phase of the project will be spearheaded by the Gravity Trails Alliance group, a sub-group of PMBA, to construct trails specifically for the enjoyment of mountain bikers. These trails will be easily accessible downhill ride trails that will feature jumps, as well as restricted use to only the bikers to help them to navigate more freely without fear of hindering other trail users.
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Standing Behind the Mission

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Both Findlay Subaru Prescott and the PMBA are very much community-orientated establishments. Caring for the well-being, enrichment, growth and support of others and the constant giving is at their heart.

Both the Prescott Subaru car dealership and the PMBA promote the community’s engagement in the beautiful outdoors of the local area. They support the accessibility to enjoy the trail systems – the PMBA enhances the trails, maintains and repairs, and builds new ones. Findlay Subaru funds the efforts for trail maintenance and build as well as provides the ability to access these trails with their rugged, all-terrain vehicles.

But that’s not it – both entities support the education, skill and character development of the community youth by encouraging their participation in these healthy ventures. The PMBA puts on special events for the youth to get them involved in mountain biking, whether experienced or they just got their first bike – all are welcome to become part of the mountain bike family.

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