Yavapai County 4-H/FFA MembersThe Findlay Subaru Prescott takes their commitment to the next level, striving to invest in charitable organizations and non-profits that foster support and growth within the local community. The need was presented to the local Subaru dealership to sponsor this year's Yavapai County 4-H/FFA (Future Farmers of America) EXPO; the dealership was quick to respond donating the highest level of sponsorship to support the mission of this program.

Top Subaru Dealers Prescott Donate to Raise the Next Generation of Community Leaders Agriculturalists & Crafters

Children thrive when placed in an environment where they can be active and participate with hands-on experience. Findlay Subaru Prescott did not hesitate when they received a donation request letter from Larraine Spears, Buyer's Superintendent for the Yavapai County 4-H/FFA EXPO.

Logo: FFA - Future Farmers of AmericaThe Yavapai County 4-H/FFA EXPO is held each year for the youth members in the local 4-H club to exhibit their hard work they committed to during a year-long project.  This project involves the dedication of raising their own market animal or crafting project that will be on display, judged, and sold at auction.

By signing up as a top-level, premier sponsor, Findlay Subaru demonstrates its support for the 4-H/FFA mission of advocating the development of our community's youth. Larraine expressed in the letter that "this program creates opportunities in leadership, citizenship and life skill training." The donations are used to cover the cost of awards to acknowledge the youth's achievement and the cost of the judging panel. The Yavapai County 4-H/FFA EXPO also relies on donations to grant high school students college scholarships ranging between $4,000-$6,000.

The Arizona Subaru dealership in Prescott values the time, energy and resources that are poured into the enrichment of the community's young population. (LINK TO LAUNCH PAD BLOG)

The 4-H Youth Development Program

Logo: 4H ClubThe 4-H organization is an investment to expand the capacity of today's youth.  They believe in the importance of devoted time and energy to instill value, morals and life skills to encourage a successful, bright and hopeful future. The 4-H program is "America's largest youth development organization—empowering nearly six million young people across the U.S. with the skills to lead for a lifetime."

With their universal pledge stated by its youth members ranging from ages 5-19, representing the 4 H's:

"I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger service, and my HEALTH to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world."

This is a curriculum-based program which involves a thorough training practicum and qualification for all volunteers. The training and approval/qualification process is provided through an extension of the University of Arizona. The adult volunteers coach and support the youth as they explore areas of interest through hands-on projects in aerospace science, shooting sports, animal husbandry and crafts like sewing and cooking—while cultivating skills in leadership, citizenship and responsibility.

This year the Yavapai County 4-H/FFA EXPO is celebrating 70 years of community involvement and will be held at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds, Wednesday, April 24 - Saturday, April 27.  The EXPO lends itself as an arena with an agricultural focus for the members to compete with their peers based on quality of time, commitment, effort, diligence and care invested into a year-long project demonstrating their workmanship.

This year-long project includes raising a market animal, such as a steer, pig, lamb, etc., or to commit to a craft like sewing or baking.

The structure and purpose of the project:

  1. 350 × 233The Practice of Responsibility
    With the main goal of presenting at the EXPO, the youth members choose a market animal to care for which will be judged on the showmanship and its meat confirmation based on the animal's build and structure. The youth is to make the care of the animal a daily priority through proper feed, healthcare and exercise. The final product will demonstrate their commitment.
  2. Financial Skills Training
    The youth will learn the financial undertaking of raising a market animal such as its feed, veterinary care and medical attention if necessary, and other materials needed for proper care. The member calculates all costs invested as well as the payment received for the product. At the last day of the EXPO their project is put on auction. The child contributes 7% of what they made to the 4-H program and takes home the rest. The child will then review the return on investment and document the profit and loss.
  3. Business, Career and Interpersonal Skills
    Six to eight weeks prior to the EXPO the youth present to local business leaders in the community to educate potential buyers about their project, inviting them to the auction held on the last day. They present the need for community involvement to support the program, as well as to take advantage of quality-raised animals to stock their freezers with. The presentation affords the practice of marketing and sales skills, and for the business leaders to provide feedback to further develop skill.
  4. Real Life Experience with Natural Events
    The youth may experience the loss of their animal due to genetic impairment or disease. A natural occurrence in life out of their control teaches perseverance and to not give up when faced with disappointment, discouragement and feelings of failure.

350 × 233While their skills are getting fine-tuned, their confidence levels start to take flight. Starting this process young gives these kids an advantage over their peers who may not start to develop these skills until later high school or college years.

Larraine says "the experience gained as a kid in 4-H gives them an edge in the job market when they get older. They are seen as more hard working, loyal and diligent. It's amazing to put on their resume."

Youth Agriculturalists – the perfect fit for the Subaru Lifestyle

350 × 233The youth involved in the 4-H club tend to stay connected in the industry. Many go to further their education in agricultural studies, veterinary sciences, or become ranchers full-time.

If you've lived in Arizona for a stretch and explored the rural parts of the state, you will see the aggregated land used by cattle, equestrian and other livestock ranchers. Much like the 4-H youth experience, the ranching life is a 365-day commitment. Ranchers do not have enough time in the day to experience set-backs by inclement weather, rough terrain, unreliable transportation, insufficient towing, or low fuel efficiency. 

Subaru's are renowned for their standard all-wheel drive functionality. Ranchers and farmers traversing over steep, rugged, unpredictable terrain can take advantage of the X-Mode feature which makes Subaru's AWD even more powerful, if you can believe it.

Here's what X-Mode does -

  • Controls engine throttle by gradually delivering torque for better control and less tire slippage
  • Controls the power of the vehicle by using a lower gear in the transmission for better power delivery to the engine
  • To maximize the traction of the tires, the AWD couples with the X-Mode to help distribute the power to all four wheels evenly
  • X-Mode applies a faster response to the braking of a tire that is handling differently, such as one tire is slipping, enabling better control of the vehicle
  • In a steep descent, the car will manage the throttle and the braking allowing for safer maneuvering

The online Farm Forum, which targets those in the agricultural industry, sets the stage for the Subaru Crosstrek. This Subaru model vehicle is appreciated by farmers and ranchers alike due to its versatility, reliability. The Subaru performance parts are trusted to handle the duties involved in the day-to-day ranching life.

Subaru dealership Prescott's own, product specialist Casey Hines, relies on his own older model Subaru Forester to haul feed and shavings for his Rhode Island Reds chickens. Taking advantage of its ruggedness and durability, he says he uses his Forester like a truck loading grass and bricks in its spacious cargo area.

Subaru dealerships support young farmers in Prescott to farmers worldwide

Let's globe trot to the southern hemisphere where Subaru of New Zealand has partnered up with Federated Farmers in support of what they do. Farmers rely on efficiency to stay competitive in their field and to stay on top of all of their responsibilities. Managing Director of New Zealand's Subaru dealership, Wallis Dumper explains that the Subaru SUV range continues to grow in popularity with their farmers, "this is courtesy of the Subaru Outback, Forester and XV's off-road competence, high ground clearance and their practical space, which enables work or play."

Federated Farmers national president Katie Milne shares, "my dog George often comes along for rides with me. The Subaru has plenty of room in the back for farm gear, wet weather stuff and boots." She added that a calf may hop in the back every now and again, too!

Keeping the value and the heart of the industry

350 × 263In today's generation, it is easy to take advantage of the technological advances that are made to make life easier and more convenient. There is much to be said for the hard-working man and woman who get up before dawn and call it a day well after sunset exerting manual effort for others to enjoy the fruit of their labor. 

Larraine expressed she feels that "agriculture is a lost industry in today's generation," over-run by the powerhouses of mass-produced products. Farmers and ranchers take pride in their effort to produce high-quality goods for the benefit of others. The hard work, the diligence, the emotional trials of success and failure are all virtuous attributes of farm life. The 4-H organization strives to keep this industry alive among the youth and into generations to follow.

For more information on this year's Yavapai County 4-H/FFA EXPO, to donate or become a sponsor, please visit the Yavapai County 4-H/FFA EXPO website or contact Larraine Spears by phone at 928-308-1020 or by email at: larrainespears[at]gmail.com.

Yavapai County Ranchers take advantage of the most trusted Subaru dealership Prescott

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