Findlay Subaru Prescott has a heart to help its surrounding community. A recent venture for the Arizona Subaru dealers was entering into a partnership with a local youth center. The Launch Pad is a non-profit organization that provides a safe place for the Yavapai County teenage population to hangout after school. The Launch Pad makes available an all-inclusive community for teenagers to engage in activities, receive homework help and tutoring sessions, play games, create art and get involved with other programs to support growth and leadership amongst each other.

The Subaru dealership teamed up with the youth center in November 2018 by becoming a member of The Launch Pad's Ground Control community of giving businesses. 

Findlay Subaru Prescott keeps eyes open for select sponsor opportunities

Christian Robinson, Director of Internet Marketing & Sales said that during one of his searches for local charities and non-profit organizations for Findlay Subaru Prescott to support with a sponsoring relationship, he came across the mission and values of The Launch Pad. The opportunity came when a customer referred a friend to the Arizona Subaru dealers, who bought a car which qualified the referring friend to donate $100 to a local charity group on behalf of Findlay Subaru Prescott. 

The customer left the donation to the choice of Findlay Subaru Prescott, so Christian used the occasion to contact The Launch Pad, opening the door for a new sponsorship. Following this donation, General Manager Dave "Mac" Macfarlane met Courtney Osterfelt, and was impressed with her & the mission of The Launch Pad, bringing us together as part of the Ground Control membership, the Prescott Subaru dealership donates a portion of every transaction from its new Subaru cars for sale, which provides a steady amount of income each month for the teen center.

The Prescott Subaru dealership impacts the lives of Prescott's youth

Logo: The Launch Pad Teen Center

Executive director and founder of The Launch Pad, Courtney Osterfelt says, "The Findlay Subaru Prescott sponsorship has been amazing. The check directly impacts over 40 kids a day."  Funding The Launch Pad supports the activities of "art, music, life skills training and healthy food. These kids have a safe place to come to after school opposed to being alone and isolated." The teens become involved and a part of a supportive community who embrace them no matter their social status, abilities, affiliations, race, or gender.

Courtney began her journey in adolescent involvement and support 17 years ago by initiating a leadership camp for teen girls in the Prescott area. As the program was gaining ground, the need for a teen center was taking root in her mind, as well as encouraged by the female teens and others whom she worked with. 

After 10 years of running the girls leadership camp with the vision of the teen center consistently running in her mind, Courtney received an inheritance from her late grandmother. Courtney was moved to honor her grandmother and desired to invest in a movement that would produce good in the community. The inheritance was the beginning of the funding stage for the teen center she had envisioned.

She volunteered as the center's executive director for a year, with the help of college students, teens and other adults The Launch Pad was no longer a vision, it had become a reality.

Six years later The Launch Pad serves a continuously growing community of teens every day.

Findlay Subaru Prescott's funding helps to keep the program afloat

Deputy Director of The Launch Pad, Laura Tully, said that "We are excited for Findlay Subaru's help... it's a game changer for us to receive this money every helps us run really smoothly and afloat as we raise more money."

Laura relayed that the non-profit organization just closed on a new warehouse building that The Launch Pad will be moving into after renovations are complete. The warehouse will be equipped with a stage for music shows, an upgraded and bigger art room, game room and academic center. The new location will provide four times the amount of space than what they currently have now. This will allow much more space for the growing population of teens who rely on this safe zone and its resources after school.  Fundraising efforts now include supporting the new building and the renovations that are required.

Laura appreciates the monthly donation from Findlay Subaru Prescott. With the reliable streamline of funds directed to the programming, money-raising efforts can now focus on the new building.

Dave 'Mac' Macfarlane presents a donation check to Courtney Osterfelt & Teens at The Launch Pad

Courtney also emphasized, "We don't want to put the teens on hold while we raise money for the new building."

The Launch Pad's Program Director, Rachelle Newton is also grateful for the partnership with the Prescott Subaru dealership. She said she feels some relief knowing that there are funds coming in to help support the programs she coordinates and the materials that are needed for the teens.

"The more money we have coming in, the more cushion we have to provide food and supplies for the workshops." With the art room always hustling and bustling, art supplies are in high demand. "When times were tough, we would have to recycle materials. With more income we can get fresh supplies for the teens and plenty of food because they can eat!

Rachelle has plenty of stories to share about her experiences with the teens, which makes her role very rewarding. "One girl said that this was her first meal of the day. She made a sandwich, had soup and a Gatorade."

Receiving fulfillment from the work she does, Rachelle loves to watch the teens break out of their shell and become more socially involved with their peers. She get's much joy when she hears from the teens, "this is my favorite part of the day," and "I feel so good when I'm here."

Prescott Subaru Dealership supports a bright future for teens

The Launch Pad's mission falls perfectly inline with Findlay Auto Group's philosophy of giving back to communities who are passionate about improving the world we live in. The Launch Pad is driven to provide a safe environment for middle and high schoolers to come to after school. The Launch Pad's mission is to enhance self-esteem, confidence and empowerment among the teens who visit the center. Life skills and social skills are exemplified and taught among the peers, and personal skills and talents are discovered, harnessed and developed to instill worth and value. 

The vision of The Launch Pad is for the Yavapai County teen population to be excited and inspired for their future, without getting sidetracked by the rampant influence of drugs and alcohol. The appropriate support for teenagers is readily available for guidance through the confusing years of adolescence. The Launch Pad believes that teens are powerful constituents of the society who, when empowered and have the confidence to do so, can instill change and have a positive impact on the lives around them in the world they live in. The skills they learn at The Launch Pad are geared to successfully launch the teens into higher education and into the workforce to continue being a powerful impact for peace and positive change.

Prescott Findlay Subaru invests even more in the teens

The Launch Pad offers a variety of workshops, activities and events for the youth they serve to foster the teens innate abilities, skills, talents and interests. In this group environment the teens learn valuable tools for how to interact with one another, properly express emotions, feel safe to become vulnerable and disclose responsibility and accountability – very valuable tools to navigate life. 

Workshop and volunteer opportunities also provide practical skill lessons to further support confidence and increased self-esteem and value.

The Prescott Subaru dealership has volunteered to be an advocate for skills training in the area of car maintenance. Findlay Subaru Prescott will be hosting events throughout the year at The Launch Pad to provide teens an opportunity to learn and grow within the aspects of the car industry, from mechanics and maintenance to maybe even a profession!

"We will bring cars down and show how to properly care and maintain a vehicle – when a car needs an alignment, what overinflated tires and underinflated tires look like. Safety tips to apply to the vehicle to protect from accidents and how to avoid expensive repairs by knowing early warning signs of potential issues." as part of the Arizona Subaru dealers, Christian is excited for these teens to experiences the ins and out of the some of Subaru's finest models, showing off the Subaru WRX and the Subaru SUV for example.

Another event that is in the works is to invite the teens on-site to the Subaru dealership to introduce them to the world of all things auto. The idea is to create a sense of intrigue with a possible interest in a career in the auto industry experiencing the whole gamut, from sales, mechanics, finance, customer service, detailing and more.

As part of the vision of The Launch Pad, Rachelle expressed that the center wants to help the teens feel prepared to enter the workforce with the skills, talents and interests they are developing.

Courtney in particular expressed, "We are so excited about the Findlay Subaru workshop, "referring to the girls leadership camp that is held yearly. "The girls love getting under the hood and learning how to change a tire."

All things auto is not the only thing that drives the Findlay Auto Group...

Giving is part of the Findlay family

The Findlay Auto Group is well known in the auto industry as being faithful to giving to local charities and non-profit organizations. Cliff Findlay, President of the Findlay Auto Group, and his two sons, sharing the Director of Operations title, Justin and Robby, are all active participants in giving to charitable organizations in their local communities. Their giving is part of their company's mission, which incorporates the Findlay Subaru of Prescott and its local community.

Northern Arizona's #1 Subaru Dealership Sharing the Love with the Prescott Community

Findlay Subaru Prescott is an Arizona Subaru dealer committed to its customers and their community. Passionate for improving the world their customers live in, this Subaru dealership has its customers, their satisfaction, their safety and their car's service rooted to the core. Driven to serve and provide top-notch customer care, Findlay Subaru Prescott is equipped with a professional, courteous staff who go above and beyond for their customers and their community. The Subaru dealership offers new Subaru cars for sale or lease, as well as used Subarus and other makes and models.  We invite any driver to bring their vehicle onto the lot and into our service center to get the best care and maintenance from our certified service technicians.  We care for the safety of all drivers and passengers alike and are happy to provide standout service, so you and your vehicle can enjoy a long ride together.